Building and Infrastructure

MWW team specialised in providing assistance in issues concerning Building and Infrastructure supports all participants of investment projects in building – ranging from the owners, investors, developers, design companies, general contractors and building contractors, financing banks up to the insurers.

Investment projects in the infrastructure and building sectors are characterised by significant complexity, not only due to the technical aspects of projects, but also (and perhaps foremost) due to the fact that such projects entail involvement of huge financial resources and a number of parties with divergent needs and legal and economic conditions.

In such case, the role of a legal adviser does not limit only to the provision of legal assistance in pure form. The role of a legal adviser - which MWW fully understands and implements with success - is also to provide the client with the possibility of taking advantage of business experience, market and strategies knowledge and the ability to combine all these aspects into a single and efficient negotiation mechanism.

MWW carefully listens to the needs of its clients, trying to understand their business need in order to choose the most efficient legal mechanisms to meet this need.

Construction and infrastructure investments market is heterogeneous and it is based on standards and legal mechanisms of generally applicable provisions of law (ranging from general regulations of civil law, through public law, administrative law up to environmental regulations related to the protection of cultural values​​), as well as it benefits richly from the experience and achievements of the industry, customary norms, best construction practices, trade union regulations or pan-national models and standards (vide models and standards of Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs-Conseils (FIDIC)).

MWW team of Building and Infrastructure practice provides its clients with its interdisciplinary expertise and experience built-up on all these legal and legal-related aspects.

Expertise overview:

  • supporting the developer of shopping centres in the expansion programme and the construction of more facilities
  • support in the program of reconstruction and modernisation of the prestigious office building in Warsaw (value of works and financing over PLN 80 million)
  • supporting the general contractor in the process of shaping the executive structure of the infrastructure project - waste thermal treatment plant (project value - over PLN 600 million)
  • supporting the general contractor - a consortium member in the restructuring process of the infrastructure project - power plant (value of the project - over 11 PLN billion)
  • assistance in a dispute regarding the rescission of the construction contract - (the value of the project - over PLN 150 million)
  • supporting renewable energy and so called ‘green energy’ projects - biomass power plants, wind farms, Waste-to-Energy projects, sewage treatment plants,
  • support in other infrastructure projects - roads, wharves, hydraulic investments.

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