Corporate Service of Entrepreneurs, Restructuring Processes

MWW offers comprehensive corporate advisory services, including the establishment and liquidation of companies, branches, representative offices, the optimisation of capital structures, mergers, divisions and transformations of companies, as well as the ongoing legal services and the preparation of legal opinions in the area of civil and commercial law.

We also offer legal assistance in conducting due diligence of companies, preparation and negotiation of documents related to the acquisition and disposal of companies, enterprises and individual assets, in both domestic and international trading, and the representation in proceedings pertaining to the concentration of entrepreneurs.

Within the corporate advisory services we also provide services aimed at the restructuring of enterprises, companies and capital groups. We advise on the optimum shape of the legal structure of restructured enterprise, company or capital group, taking into account the optimal, from the client’s perspective, tax structures. We advise shareholders and partners of companies who use domestic and international tax optimisation structures.

Expertise overview:

  • transformation of companies and partnerships in all possible legal aspects, including transformations into joint-stock companies for the purpose of their initial public offering on the regulated market and on the NewConnect market
  • performing divisions of companies operating within several organised parts of an enterprise
  • support of the acquisition processes as well as mergers of companies operating within a single capital group
  • restructuring of companies’ capital groups, including public, by optimising their legal and tax structures with the use of closed-end investment fund of non-public assets;
  • conducting the processes of compulsory acquisition of minority shareholders (squeeze out) and compulsory repurchase of shares from minority shareholders (reverse squeeze out)
  • the implementation of processes concerning the redemption of shares (buyback) and decreasing the share capital of companies
  • comprehensive implementation of processes concerning all kinds of in-kind contributions to companies and master limited partnerships
  • legal advisory in the preparation of numerous long-term incentive programmes;
  • implementation and the use of target and conditional share capital in joint-stock companies, including public
  • negotiation of investment contracts and shareholders agreements for the leading investment fund management companies
  • restructuring of business entities established as a result of the transformation of state-owned enterprises

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