Intellectual and Industrial Property Practice

MWW's clients are entrepreneurs that constantly look to improve and modernize their products and services, and thus to maximize their profits. For MWW's clients, it is obvious that technological progress and sociological changes force constant innovation as virtually the only certain way to economic success.

Entrepreneurs all over the world, and also in Poland, who are aware of the above conditions, attach more and more importance to the protection of their intellectual and industrial property against unauthorised infringements by third parties, including competitors.

Constant innovation requires huge expenses, both in the field of R&D and in the field of intellectual property protection. As part of the Intellectual and Industrial Property Practice, our lawyers support clients in their daily challenges related to securing legal and economic interests.

MWW understands the needs of its clients and engages all of its resources, interdisciplinary experience and expertise to provide clients with passive security (data protection, protection of resources and systems) as well as active support in defending their interests (unfair competition, industrial property disputes).

Our lawyers of the Intellectual and Industrial Property Practice work together with clients to create unique technological, business, and industrial solutions. Indeed, in today's world, a competitive product or service is a conglomerate of technical, technological, legal and business components that can face often unfair or hostile competition. In particular, creative and intellectual work requires protection and security from the very moment of creation, even before its results are made public or offered. MWW lawyers understand this need well and provide clients with appropriate solutions.

Last but not least, an innovative product is one that fits into an often hard-to-find fashion or changing consumer mindset. It is also a product created and operating in an insufficiently regulated legal environment. This is the case, for example, with mobile payments which are being developed in Poland by one of MWW's clients – with MWW's comprehensive support.

Should you have any questions or think if we can help you select the best solution, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated specialists at MWW.