Intellectual Property and Technology

MWW clients comprise entrepreneurs who constantly strive for improvements and upgrade their products and services and thereby they aim at maximising their profits. It is obvious for MWW clients that the technological progress and sociological changes necessitate the constant innovation as, in fact, the only way to economic success.

Entrepreneurs around the world, and in Poland, are aware of the conditions mentioned above, they pay more and more attention to the protection of intellectual and industrial property against unauthorised infringements by third parties, including competitors. It is constant innovation which implies the need to incur huge expenses, both in the R&D area as well as in the protection of intellectual property. Lawyers of Intellectual Property and Technology practice support their clients in daily challenges of securing client’s legal and economic interests.

We understand the needs of our clients and we commit all our resources, interdisciplinary experience and knowledge in order to provide our clients with inherent safety (data, resources and systems protection) as well as with the active support in defending the interests of entrepreneurs (the issue of unfair competition, disputes in the area of industrial property).

Lawyers of Intellectual Property and Technology practice, together with the clients, create a unique technological, business and industrial solutions. It is because in today's world a competitive product or a service is a combination of technical, technological, legal and business components which can often face unfair or hostile competition. In particular, manifestations of creative and intellectual work, require the protection and security from the moment of their creation, even before becoming publicly available, or before the time when they start to be offered. MWW lawyers understand this need and provide their clients with the proper solutions.

Finally, an innovative product is the one which fits into fashion, often difficult and intangible, or into changeable attitude of the recipient. This is also the product which is created and which operates in poorly regulated legal environment. The foregoing pertains to e.g. mobile payments, which are developed in Poland by one of the MWW clients, a leader in the area, with the support and experience of MWW.

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