Other Practices

Issues related to sales networks (distribution) of services,  agency systems, multi-agency systems, franchise systems and others

 MWW lawyers create a renowned team, supporting their clients in shaping, developing and legal management of service sales networks.  Our law firm specialises not only in legal shaping of complex insurance services sales networks (agent and multi-agent networks) and financial services sales networks (companies distributing services offered by banks and investment funds management companies, and other, so called, “financial product factories”), but also general services distribution networks (comprising e.g. the distribution of digital TV signal). The complexity of legal regulations structuring the cooperation between the service provider and the distributor (seller) prompt our Clients to entrust MWW with all issues related to the legal preparation of the terms and conditions of such cooperation, providing not only for legal and agency aspects, but also personal data protection and - what is particularly important - legal and consumer regulations.  As a result, MWW provides its Clients with solutions that secure not only their economic interest (through appropriate legal forms of cash flow), but also, in the broadest scope – their legal interests (not only in relations with the distributor, but also – and probably even more importantly – in relations with the recipient of a service, usually the consumer).

Issues related to consumer relations (general terms and conditions of agreements, templates, rules and regulations)

A significant group of MWW clients direct their services or goods to consumers, either through their own distribution channels or through external chains, as described above. Those entrepreneurs, regardless of the nature of their services or products, every day face similar challenges, emerging at the borderline between the entrepreneur's natural tendency towards securing its business and legal interest in the most exhaustive manner possible, and the statutory order of shaping the consumer's rights and obligations in such a manner so as to avoid the violation of good practices, which considerably infringe the consumer's interest.  The fact that the provisions concerning the prohibition of using abusive clauses by the entrepreneur employ indeterminate phrases (“good practice”, “serious violation") and the fact that there is no finite list of such clauses, and that the ongoing activity of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), as well as Court of Competition and Consumer Protection (SOKiK) leads to continuous broadening of the scope of consumer protection, prompt MWW clients to request us to create regulations which would be flexible enough to conciliate both the entrepreneur's and the consumer's interests.  MWW's role includes also the ongoing monitoring of UOKiK and SOKiK case-law and amending the existing entrepreneur's regulations (general terms and conditions of agreements, templates, rules and regulations, agreement templates) in a manner reflecting new principles of legal protection of consumers.


MWW specialises also in providing legal support for insurance companies. MWW lawyers prepare drafts of the insurance general terms and conditions for Polish and foreign insurance companies and advise on the development of new insurance products. Furthermore, MWW lawyers were engaged in the creation of general pension management companies, their mergers and acquisitions of management of open pension funds.

MWW creates drafts of documents indispensable for the maintenance of employee pension schemes and individual pension accounts. We represent our clients in proceedings with the supervisory body – Polish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Litigations and Arbitration Proceedings

We intend to provide our clients with the full range of legal services and thus we represent them in the proceedings before all courts, including the arbitration proceedings.

In this area, MWW develops the action strategy and substantive standpoint in the dispute, it co-ordinates all actions undertaken in order to secure the effective protection of our clients’ interests, and ensures the litigation with representatives with the highest qualifications, specialists in the field in question.

Labour Law

MWW provides its clients with legal assistance in all aspects related to employment and performing work, both under the employment relation and under civil law relations. MWW lawyers prepare appropriate, adapted to individual client’s needs, drafts of internal company’s regulations (work regulations, compensation regulations, company’s social benefits fund regulations), contracts of employment, non-competition agreements, service rendering contracts and contracts of specific work (including manager contracts). We advise on the choice of the most advantageous legal structure, from the client's perspective, under which work is to be provided.

MWW provides comprehensive legal assistance through the preparation of all documents which are necessary to enter into an employment relation, throughout its duration, as well as legal assistance related to the termination of existing contracts of employment, including contracts for managerial personnel of companies, in particular members of management boards of companies. We also support our clients in amending the provisions relating to the employment relation during the term of employment, resulting both from amended laws and clients' decisions.

Medical Law

Our law firm supports entrepreneurs investing or having business relations other than investment relations in the broadly defined health care. Our lawyers conduct also lectures at Postgraduate Studies concerning "Risk Management in Healthcare System", which are conducted by the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw. The priority of the program of these studies is to improve the quality of management in therapeutic entities by raising the level of competence of executives managing the therapeutic entities in the scope of risk management in health care.

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