Real Estate

MWW supports its clients in all projects concerning the acquisition, disposal of and recovery of rights to real estate, including also in investment via the complex special purpose structures. MWW provides advisory services concerning the creation and optimisation of structures aimed at the implementation of development projects (systems of a holding company and special purpose companies SPV – special purpose vehicle, or structures based on taking tax advantages of closed-end investment funds of non-public assets).

MWW lawyers advised on a number of real estate market transactions; the clients of MWW lawyers comprise the biggest Polish entrepreneurs and other entities collecting and then structuring their real estate portfolios, in particular private equity entities and investment funds. In cooperation with the investment funds which invest in real estate, MWW lawyers cooperated with a number of development companies.

Furthermore, MWW provides legal services to entities which shape and then offer financial products functionally related to real estate (in particular mortgage credit contracts, construction credit contracts), as well as entities intermediating at the time of offering such products (as well as other financial products) on the retail market.

We also support our clients in the commercialisation process of utility structures which they own (office buildings, etc.), as well as the negotiation of such agreements with lessors.

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