MWW provides legal services for entrepreneurs operating in the transport, shipping and logistics (TSL) sector on the domestic and on the international market. The TSL sector comprises entities acting as forwarding agents, carriers and also entities providing services of transhipment and warehousing of the goods. The operation of this branch is based on the provisions of domestic law (Civil Code, Transport Law) and on the international regulations (CMR Convention), which interact and overlap each other. The specialised team of lawyers allow us to provide legal services for entities functioning in the TSL sector on the highest professional level. Legal services provided for the entities operating in the TSL sector comprise in particular: (i) preparation and issuing opinions regarding documents related to the internal organization of the entrepreneurs, such as organisational rules and regulations, resolutions of companies’ authorities, complaint procedures, debt collection procedures, rendering of ongoing legal assistance, (ii) preparation of template agreements of the TSL sector, (iii) preparation of internal regulations concerning the provision of shipping services, as well as transport or logistics services, (iv) issuing opinions on the complaints submitted in relation to damage which occurred during the transport of goods, (v) representation in litigations and debt collection disputes, in particular those concerning compensations for the loss or damage of the carried or stored goods, (vi) participation in negotiations regarding agreements concluded with the clients in connection to TSL.

MWW clients in this respect comprise the largest domestic and foreign entrepreneurs operating in the TSL sector. Our law firm secures their legal interests by providing the legal support in all aspects related to the functioning in the TSL sector.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, MWW provides legal assistance also for people who plan to establish a permanent relation with entrepreneurs of the TSL sector, as well as to those in disputes with such entities, or those who are parties to complaint procedures.

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