Maciej Badzyński

Maciej Badzyński

Senior Associate
Legal Adviser

Graduate of law at the University of Rzeszów.

Maciej Badzyński deals with in-court and out-of-court disputes, in particular the enforcement of claims arising from financial instruments.

As part of his practice, he represents clients before civil, commercial, and criminal courts at all stages of proceedings.

He has experience in cases against investment fund companies, depositories, and banks, related to improper management of investment funds. He also represents investors against misselling financial institutions. As part of his practice, he acts as collateral manager (mortgage manager), acting on behalf of bondholders pursuing their claims against the issuer – at all stages – pre-court, court, and enforcement.

He also represents multi-member groups of investors at the pre-litigation stage, including during the meetings of investors – the body of closed-end investment funds. As part of his practise, he also deals with group proceedings against capital market institutions.

He provides ongoing legal services to the firm's clients in the area of civil and criminal law.

He speaks English.